Three Types of Accidents Caused by Improperly Loaded Trucks

June 2, 2016

The injuries can be catastrophic when a truck is not properly loaded, but how exactly does the way cargo is loaded onto a truck contribute to a truck accident?

Improper Loads Can Cause a Deadly Truck Crash

When a truck is overloaded or the goods on a truck are not evenly distributed, a truck may be more likely to:

  • Spill its goods. When the cargo spills onto the roadway, other drivers are at risk of hitting the items and getting hurt. Additionally, the goods can hit another driver’s vehicle and cause that driver to lose control.
  • Rollover. A truck may rollover when it is improperly loaded, landing on another vehicle or causing nearby vehicles to crash.
  • Have difficulty stopping. Trucks that are not loaded according to cargo securement regulations may have trouble stopping, which can be dangerous if traffic unexpectedly slows down or a person or item enters the roadway.


Of course, other types of accidents can also occur, and you may have the right to recover damages in any accident where the truck, trucking company, or trucker caused your injury.

Contact a Lawyer After Any Kind of Truck Wreck

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