The Legal System Can Seem Heartless After Child Sex Abuse

February 12, 2015

Parents of Sexually Abused Children May Be Hurt by a Legal System That Seems Cold and Unfeeling

When a parent believes his or her child has been sexually abused, it can be difficult to go through a legal process that still treats the abuse like a question. While there may be no doubt in your mind that your child is telling the truth or that the evidence you have is enough to hold the abuser responsible, the court system still has to remain neutral—and it can seem cold, unfeeling, or even heartless as you go through the necessary steps. But, despite how it may seem, there are allies in the legal system who are ready to help you figure out the truth and find justice.

While you probably understand that the courts need evidence to hold an abuser responsible for such despicable acts, it’s still hard to put your family through the interviews, questioning, and potential for disbelief. This is a big part of why families of abuse victims choose to turn to an attorney for help in sensitive cases. A legal team that has helped victims in similar situations will be prepared to:

  • Support you through the process
  • Minimize the stress on your family
  • Act as a voice supporting your claims throughout the process

While there is no way to shield your family from the stress and pain of child sexual abuse, it is possible to make the process easier on you and provide the compassion and support you need to get through the challenges you face.

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