Sex Abuse in Chicago Public Schools

November 15, 2018
Sex Abuse in Chicago Public Schools

When we send our kids to class, we expect more than a well-rounded education. We expect teachers and caregivers to protect our children’s safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many Chicago schools are not upholding that responsibility.

Hundreds of students have experienced sex abuse in Chicago public schools, causing trauma that can affect the child’s life for years to come. No child should have to endure sexual abuse, especially from someone they trust.

When a teacher abuses your child or allows the abuse to happen, they have failed their duty to your child and should face the consequences. A civil lawsuit can give your family the financial support you need to handle the devastating effects of child sexual abuse.

When Schools Fail to Protect Students

School leaders have a duty to protect students from harm, but the Chicago school system might have failed your child. The perpetrators might already be charged and sentenced for their crimes. But, a sex abuse criminal trial doesn’t provide your family the needed compensation for healing.

Although seeing the abuser behind bars provides peace of mind, a criminal trial doesn’t include compensation for damages caused to the victim. This includes both economic and non-economic damages, such as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

If a teacher sexually abused your child, they should be held fully responsible. That means filing an injury claim and fighting for the compensation you and your child need. A sex abuse lawyer in Chicago can help answer your questions and walk you through the claims process.

Signs of Sex Abuse in Children

How do you know if your child has been sexually abused if they haven’t approached you for help? Identifying sexual abuse in children can be difficult. Signs of sexual abuse and emotional trauma might appear differently in children than adults.

Talking with your child can help them open up to you about any improper conduct happening at his or her school. If you’re concerned that your child has been abused, talk to them, and watch for the following signs of sex abuse and PTSD:

  • Fear or worry
  • Reluctance or refusal to attend school
  • Inappropriate sexual actions and behaviors
  • Reenacting the trauma during play
  • Impulsive, aggressive behavior

How to Help Your Child

It’s traumatic, but sex abuse happens in Chicago public schools, and your child could have been victimized by abusers in the school system. Once you discover that your child has been abused, what can you do?

Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to file a claim for your child’s suffering. With the help of a lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC, you and your child could receive the compensation you need for recovery. If you’re considering a sex abuse lawsuit against your school, seek out a free case review with our attorneys. We’ll walk you through the laws and factors that could affect your case before you sign anything.

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