Scott’s CLE Course

Registration now open! Spring Semester Starts February 9

New Format: Spring 2021 Semester via Zoom

Each Tuesday: 5:15 – 6:45 P.M. Not in the Chicago loop? Now is your chance to participate in the virtual spring semester via Zoom from your home or office at a reduced rate! The Spring 2021 semester qualifies for a total of 27 hours MCLE credit, including 27* hours PMCLE credit. REGISTER NOW

Spring Semester Topics Include:

  • The psychological formulae for proof of facts for both plaintiff and defendant attorneys
  • Introducing exhibits of all types, x-rays, books of account, customs, lost instruments, depositions, telephone conversations, and experiments
  • Demonstrative evidence, refreshing memory, objections, offers of proof, hypothetical questions, medical proof, direct and cross-examination of all types of witnesses, including experts; the rules and cardinal principals of cross-examination; and impeachment of witness All other subjects you confront between the opening statement and closing argument

What Past Attendees Are Saying:

As a downstate attorney, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn via Zoom. We have also heard from several awesome guest speakers. It’s an interesting and instructive class. I highly recommend it!

Drew Hickey, Fall 2020 via Zoom

The class has covered trial techniques with a level of detail I did not realize was possible. I also love the Zoom format. As a suburban attorney I would never have been able to make it downtown to take this class. I highly recommend this class to all levels of litigators. Greatly enjoyed my time in this class and will be signing up for second semester.

Allan Fridman, Fall 2020 via Zoom

I like getting kind but honest and constructive feedback from a prestigious practicing attorney and exposure to other attorneys and judges at the top of their game. Having class over Zoom, I met attorneys from all over Illinois. I was also able to make it to classes even when the logistics of in-person class would have conflicted with work.

-Carly Olson, Fall 2020 via Zoom

*Professional Responsibility MCLE credit subject to approval

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