Schaumburg Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Have you or a loved one experienced sexual abuse? If so, you must speak up if you want to hold your abuser accountable. Contact a sexual abuse lawyer in Schaumburg for help filing a legal claim. 

A sexually abusive experience can be traumatic. Even if the abuse only happened one time, it can affect you for the rest of your life. It’s understandable to have trouble coming forward about what happened because you may feel fear or other hard emotions. But seeking justice is essential if you want to recover. To hold your abuser accountable, you must speak up. 

Speaking up about your sexual abuse can help you heal and prevent the abuse from happening to others. At Lane Brown, LLC, a Schaumburg sexual abuse lawyer can help you file a legal claim against the culprit to win you the settlement you deserve in civil court.

Areas in Schaumburg Where Sexual Abuse Can Occur

You may think sexual abuse only occurs in back alleys or dangerous areas of Schaumburg because it’s a suburb of Chicago, but this is far from the truth. Sexual abuse often occurs in places you think are safe. 

Abusers are often people you think you can trust. For example, children can be sexually abused by people they trust in their own homes or at school and church. You may get sexually abused in places you visit frequently, such as work or school. 

When sexual abuse occurs in institutional environments in Schaumburg, the abuser and the place where the abuse occurred can sometimes be equally liable.

Recovering Damages for Your Schaumburg Sexual Abuse

When you speak with a sexual abuse lawyer in Schaumburg, you can calculate the value of your case. You must prove negligence against your abuser or the institution where the abuse happened. Once you do, you can seek compensation for any damages you suffered. 

You may have suffered economic and non-economic damages from your sexually abusive experience. Economic damages can include medical expenses if you were injured. They can also include lost wages if you had to take time out of work to recover. These are just two examples. Non-economic damages can reflect how the sexual abuse affected your life, such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

Although rare in most other types of personal injury cases, sexual abuse cases may be eligible for punitive damages. The judge awards these damages when the defendant harms the plaintiff on purpose or is grossly negligent. The judge may award these damages to further punish the defendant or make an example of the defendant.

Consult a Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Schaumburg 

Sexual abuse is cruel and harmful. When you experience something this traumatic, you must tell someone so you can get the justice you deserve. Telling someone can help you with your recovery, and it can also prevent others from experiencing what you went through. 

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