Schaumburg Car Accident Lawyer

Did a car accident leave you with severe or life-altering injuries? If so, it’s possible to sue the party responsible for causing your wreck. Reach out to a car accident attorney in Schaumburg for help filing a claim.

Car accidents can devastate all parties involved. As an injured victim in a Schaumburg car accident, you’re likely focused on recovering and have little time to think about seeking justice. Unfortunately, however, your medical expenses may quickly remind you how important it is to take legal action for what you’ve been through.

If someone else caused your car accident in Schaumburg, you must hold them accountable if you hope to win a settlement. Without a settlement, you may find yourself in financial distress and unable to pay for your recovery. A Schaumburg car accident lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC can guide you through the legal process as you heal from your injuries.  

Injuries Caused by Car Accidents in Schaumburg

Car accidents in Schaumburg can cause bone fractures, burns, internal bleeding, spinal damage, and traumatic brain injuries. Some car accidents in Schaumburg can be fatal depending on how the accident occurred and what type of negligence is involved. Speeding drivers, drunk drivers, and distracted drivers may not realize the consequences of their actions until it’s too late.

Regardless of whether your car accident injuries in Schaumburg are life-altering or cause you to experience emotional side effects, you deserve compensation for your suffering. A car accident lawyer in Schaumburg can tell your story to the judge and jury and get them on your side. 

Who Is Liable for Your Schaumburg Car Accident

Many car accidents in Schaumburg are caused by negligent drivers, which means you can sue the individual directly for your injuries. However, it’s not always easy to determine liability in car accident cases.

For example, if your car malfunctions, it’s possible the car manufacturer or a car repair shop is liable for your injuries. Alternatively, a government entity can be liable for a car accident if they don’t repair a roadway hazard. A company may also be liable if they employ a negligent driver who causes an accident.

Evidence You Can Use to Win Your Schaumburg Car Accident Case

To prove negligence in your Schaumburg car accident case, you must have solid evidence. Your Schaumburg car accident attorney can work with the police to gather evidence such as video footage from traffic cameras, photographs from the police report, and witness testimonies. You may also use social media posts and your medical records as evidence.

Contact a Schaumburg Car Accident Attorney

The recovery process after a car accident can be difficult when you’re simultaneously stressing about whether you can afford treatment. With the help of a Schaumburg car accident lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC, you can fight for a settlement and begin healing without financial strain. To schedule a consultation with a member of our team, call 312-332-1400 or fill out the contact form below.

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