Road Rage, Aggressive Driving, and Your Chicago Car Accident

November 6, 2013

We’ve all seen “those” drivers on the road — those that drive too slow in the fast lane, change their speed without cause, or can’t seem to pick a lane to drive in. When we’re running late, most of us don’t like being caught driving behind the slow-moving truck or school bus. But, when feelings of frustration behind the wheel turn to road rage, everyone around is put in greater risk of being involved in a serious traffic accident.

Was your Cook County traffic accident the result of road rage? Often described alongside aggressive driving, motorists driving with road rage are often distracted while driving, focusing more on their emotional reaction to other drivers than on safe driving habits. The signs of road rage can often lead to serious auto accidents, or even physical confrontations, between drivers. When aggression takes over, clear, rational, controlled thought can be replaced with revenge, anger, and hostility, all of which can be a breeding grounds for disaster on the road.

Pay Attention to Common Signs of Road Rage

  • Excessive honking at other drivers.
  • Swearing or using foul language at other drivers, whether they can hear you or not.
  • Tailgating other drivers.
  • Swerving in out of multiple lanes, cutting off other drivers.
  • Speeding up to prevent other drivers from passing or merging.
  • Stealing other drivers’ parking spots in lots while they wait.
  • Assaulting other drivers, whether physically or using a vehicle as a weapon.

There can be a wide variety of reasons why a driver would be enraged while behind the wheel. But, no matter the cause, drivers have a responsibility to make safe choices while driving, so as not to endanger themselves or others on the road. When they fail to do so, they may be found negligent for their actions if they cause an accident.

As motorists, we can make every attempt to follow safe driving practices, but ultimately, we have no control over other drivers on the road.  If you were seriously injured in a Chicago area car accident, and believe that driver road rage may have been a contributing factor to the crash, having an experienced traffic accident attorney on your side can help you assert your legal rights. Call Lane Brown, LLC at 312-332-1400 today to schedule a no-cost appointment with an attorney to discuss your claim.

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