Responsibility When Nurses Cause Brain Injuries

January 28, 2015

Who Is Responsible When Nurse Malpractice Causes a Brain Injury?

You went in for a procedure, hospital stay, or even just routine medical care, but you left with a serious brain injury and suspect the nurse who cared for you might have made a mistake that caused it. Who is legally responsible for what happened to you?

While families can seek justice for medical mistakes or negligence on the part of a nurse or member of the team caring for their loved one, there is a complicated legal process involved—even before you’ve made any decisions about how to move forward. Before you start determining responsibility for a brain injury, you have to look at the basics. Unfortunately, state laws can vary, and it usually takes a skilled legal analysis to determine:

  • If the nurse made a mistake that is considered malpractice under the law
  • If you have grounds for a lawsuit.


Even if it is determined that your family has a potential case, there are a number of potential people who may hold the legal responsibility for a nurse’s mistake, including:

  • The nurse
  • The hospital or facility
  • The doctor or medical supervisor the nurse was working under at the time


Again, this process is confusing, and most patients struggle to make sense of it. Just remember that you can get specific answers about responsibility in a medical malpractice case by speaking directly with an experienced legal representative.

It’s normal to feel confused and overwhelmed after you have been hurt by a medical provider you trusted with your health, but you don’t have to keep wondering how to get help. Request a free copy of our eye-opening book, What to Do If You Have Been Injured by Your Doctors or Hospital, or contact our law firm right now by using the live-chat service on this page.

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