The Auto-Accident-App for mobile phones

The Auto-Accident-App, available by clicking on the link below, or at any of the app stores online, is offered as a free public service to anyone who wants it. If you download and install the Auto-Accident-App, you will have at your disposal a reliable safety tool in the event you or a loved one is involved in a traffic accident. The App has been designed to provide you with a simple way to gather and exchange information following a crash, and to put you in touch with emergency and other helpful services.
The App will help get you free Live Operator Assistance to confirm the location of the accident and will notify and dispatch emergency responders if they are needed. You will be walked through the steps that are needed to gather information about the accident needed for processing claims, and even allow you to gather and record information about the accident itself, including photographs and videos of the scene, vehicles and people involved, and even the speed and forces involved in the collision.

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