Privacy Is Possible in Illinois Child Sex Abuse Cases

May 13, 2016

How You Can Maintain Privacy and Pursue Justice After Child Sex Abuse

The person who abused you was someone whom you, and your parents, trusted. It was not a stranger who abused you. Instead, it might have been a priest with the Chicago Archdiocese or a family friend who is well respected in Arlington Heights.

You may be worried about making allegations against the person who did this to you, and you may be unsure whether you want your name associated with a child sex abuse case. However, what if you could maintain your privacy and hold the person who sexually abused you, or your child, accountable?

It Is Possible

You can maintain your privacy and pursue justice at the same time if you work with a lawyer who is committed to making both of these things happen. At Lane Brown, for example, we never make the name of our child sex abuse clients public, either in court documents or in the media, unless we first have permission from that client. We are discreet, we are compassionate, and we are committed to doing what we can to protect individual victims of child sex abuse and to end institutional cover ups of these unacceptable actions.

No Child Should Ever Be the Victim of Sex Abuse

A child who was sexually abused by an adult has suffered enough and should not have to suffer more by going public. To learn more about the types of child sex abuse cases we handle, please peruse our case results. Moreover, if you have questions about what has happened to you and what you can you do about it now, contact us to schedule a confidential case consultation.


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