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Lawn Mower Accidents Cause Serious Injuries & Your Children Are at Risk

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your lawn cut—from the time the last snow melts until the time the first snow falls. It might not be a chore that you give much thought to, but it is a task that could change your life and seriously harm your child if something goes wrong.

Four Reasons Children Are at Risk of Lawn Mower Accident Injuries

Before you mow the lawn again at your Chicago area home, it is important to understand the following risks:

  • Some lawn mowers can mow in reverse. The blades on many lawn mowers continue to turn and cut while the mower is in reverse. Each year, children who are playing outside or helping with the yard work are seriously hurt when a mower backs over them unintentionally. If the blades stopped moving while the machine was in reverse, these types of accidents could be prevented.
  • Some lawn mowers lack guarding. The blades that cut your grass are sharp and powerful. If there is not adequate guarding in place, the blades can become a danger to the person mowing the lawn, to children playing on the lawn, or to anyone who comes too close to the machine.
  • There are significant blind spots on some lawn mowers. Riding mowers may make mowing the lawn easier, but they have risks. Specifically, a riding mower may be designed with significant blind spots that prevent the lawn mower operator from seeing other people on the lawn.
  • Marketing efforts may lead children to see lawn mowers as toys. Toy lawn mowers are popular children’s toys. Some toys cultivate brand recognition and cause kids to be interested in specific types of lawn mowers at a young age. These toys look just like actual lawn mowers, making kids feel comfortable around mowers without understanding the risks.

These dangers may be new to you, but they are not new to lawn mower manufacturers. Many lawn mower makers have known about these risks for years, if not decades, and have not yet changed the design to make lawn mowers safer for those cutting the grass and the children playing nearby.

Common Injuries Caused By Lawn Mower Accidents

One of the most common lawn mower accident injuries is amputation. A child who is hit with a mower may lose a limb—forever facing a future without the use of his arm or leg. Death is also a risk of lawn mower accidents, occurring immediately because of trauma or afterwards due to an infection that develops at the amputation site.

As a parent, you want to protect your child if he is hurt. You can do that by getting your child the medical help that he needs and by understanding your child’s legal rights. Our family law firm has helped other families recover from catastrophic accidents. We have more than 130 years of combined legal experience helping seriously injured people in the Chicago area get the medical treatment and other resources they need to recover. If you or your child has been hurt in a Chicagoland lawn mower accident, we encourage you to contact our lawyers directly via this website or by calling to schedule an initial consultation.

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