Parents Can’t Always Predict Child Sex Abuse

November 10, 2014

Many cases of child sexual abuse go unreported by the children and families affected, but we do know from the many cases that are reported each year that sexual abuse sometimes happens in familiar places where parents trust other adults to care for their children. This might include:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Churches
  • Youth organizations
  • Sports activities


Although the first reaction from parents may be to blame themselves for failing to spot the potential for abuse, the truth is that the sexual abuse of children is difficult to predict, and it’s not as easy to spot an abuser as many people believe.

Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse May Not Fit Your Idea of an Abuser

Studies have shown that people who sexually abuse children can come from many walks of life, and they may not always fit the most popular ideas of what a sexual predator is like. Oftentimes, abusers seem “normal,” kind, or friendly, and it can be a shock to an entire community when allegations arise. The abusers named in child sex abuse cases often occupy a care-oriented position, such as doctor, priest, or coach, and ultimately, many adults are more inclined to believe other adults.

Your child deserves justice after suffering the traumatic experience of sexual abuse, and an attorney who has experience handling these kinds of difficult and sensitive cases can help you fight for the best for your family. Whether you just have a few initial questions or are ready to take action, our Chicago legal team is ready to treat you with the care and compassion you deserve. To learn more, simply call our office directly, or fill out the confidential contact form on this page.

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