Overlooked Symptoms and Unnecessary Procedures

January 13, 2015

Too Much or Not Enough: Your Medical Treatment Should Be “Just Right”

While doctors on television and in the movies may go to extremes in treating their patients, real doctors need to balance treatment with a patient’s needs and risks. If a doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or another medical provider goes to extremes in real life, there’s a real chance of serious injuries—or even the death of a patient. This includes both ends of the treatment spectrum, whether a care provider is:

  • Too aggressive. Whether you are coping with a chronic condition like diabetes or coming in with new concerns, you may appreciate that your doctor is doing everything possible to care for you. However, if a doctor is overly aggressive in treating you, it could mean that you’re taking too many medications, suffering through needless or risky tests and procedures, and damaging your health.
  • Not aggressive enough. On the other hand, a doctor who doesn’t follow up on your concerns and test results or doesn’t seem to hear your medical complaints may miss serious conditions until they cause major complications or become impossible to treat effectively.


It’s a physician’s duty to find the right balance for each patient’s care, and doctors need to have a good reason to stray from accepted medical protocols and treatment options. Although it may not be easy to find a “happy medium,” doctors need to take steps to make sure that they’re being proactive without being unnecessarily aggressive.

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