Oak Lawn Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Are you interested in holding a sexual abuser accountable for his or her actions? If so, speak with a qualified Oak Lawn sex abuse attorney to secure full compensation for your suffering.

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, you more than likely have endured devastating effects due to the egregious actions of your abuser. Many survivors require extensive mental health counseling and find that their lives are permanently altered by the harm inflicted upon them.

You can take back control of your life by bringing your abuser to justice. You can get justice by filing a civil lawsuit, which will allow you to recover financial compensation for your damages.

The team of highly trained attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC is prepared to fight for your rights. An Oak Lawn sexual abuse lawyer will work hard to show that the defendant in your case is responsible for the devastation you endured so you can secure maximum compensation for what you’ve been through.

Red Flags You Should Pay Attention To

When you suspect that someone you love has been the victim of sexual abuse in Oak Lawn, you might be unsure of how to proceed. Should you go to the police? Should you try to open up a conversation with your loved one? Before anything else, you should look for signs that demonstrate your loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse. These warning signs can include the following:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Recoiling at physical touch
  • Self-harm
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Age regression
  • Social withdrawal

These are just a few red flags that may indicate someone you love has been sexually abused. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure the person is no longer in harm’s way. Then, you can bring your concerns to him or her and get in touch with an experienced mental health counselor who can help.

Next, speak with an experienced sexual abuse attorney in Oak Lawn and report your findings to your local police department. Contacting law enforcement will hopefully allow for criminal charges against the abuser, and a civil attorney can help you begin the process of bringing a lawsuit against the abuser so you can recover compensation.

Why Seek Compensation from an Abuser?

People who suffer sexual abuse often report that their lives are dramatically impacted. Speaking with a counselor usually helps combat the psychological effects of the abuse; however, these therapists are often expensive.

It stands to reason that your abuser should be responsible for covering these costs. In fact, the person liable for your losses should be required to cover all of your damages, including any relocation fees, your medical expenses, the loss of enjoyment of life, your lost wages, pain and suffering, the loss of consortium, and emotional distress—to name only a few.

Many survivors of sexual abuse feel empowered when they are able to bring their abusers to justice and obtain compensation that will allow them to pick up the pieces of their lives. Your Oak Lawn sex abuse lawyer is here to empower you to do the same.

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