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Accidents involving big rigs cause some of the the most catastrophic injuries of all motor vehicle accidents. Trucks can weigh many tons, meaning they can destroy nearly anything that gets in their way. There is a reason why many drivers avoid coming into contact with commercial trucks at all costs: Having an encounter with one all too often comes with devastating consequences.

It is not at all uncommon for truck accidents to result in serious personal injuries or even wrongful death. Damages this severe will likely come with substantial expenses that you can’t afford and shouldn’t have to cover. If your truck crash, car crash or motorcycle accident was the result of the negligent actions of another, call a Naperville truck accident lawyer at our firm.

Injuries in Big Rig Crashes

Semi-truck accidents are known to cause some of the most serious injuries most emergency room doctors ever see. Among these, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, internal bleeding, organ failure, spinal cord injuries, and third-degree burns are likely the most impactful. They can affect a survivor for years to come or even have permanent effects that will change your life forever.

With injuries this critical, you can expect to incur tremendous medical expenses related to the care and treatment of your condition. It will be crucial for you to provide detailed accounts of every medical expense related to your injuries so you are fully compensated. Your truck accident lawyer in Naperville can help you account for your various injuries.

The Blame for an 18-Wheeler Collision in Naperville

Multiple employees and organizations are involved in the safety and operation of an 18-wheeler. That means many things can go wrong, causing the truck to be unsafe. The following are two of the several potential at-fault parties we will consider in your Naperville semi-truck crash claim:

The Truck Driver

The driver of the truck  is usually the first to be blamed for an accident. Driver liability would apply if the trucker is found to have been operating the truck while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or driving aggressively by following too closely, changing lanes without signaling, or speeding.

Trucking Companies

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for enforcing guidelines regarding the safety, maintenance standards, and operation of tractor-trailers across the country. When a trucking company ignores regulations the FMCSA has imposed, it can be held liable for your injuries.

For example, the FMCSA has strict rules on the scheduling of truckers. They must have a minimum of thirteen hours off between shifts, they cannot work more than seven consecutive days, and shifts cannot exceed twelve hours. When an overworked, fatigued trucker causes a collision in Naperville, both the driver and the trucking company can be held accountable.

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