Don’t Sign a Settlement Agreement With an Insurance Company Until You Speak With an Experienced Chicago Attorney First

Picture this:  You are seriously injured in a Chicago car accident, to the point that you are unable to work for three weeks; you have missed out on approximately $2,000 worth of wages. Your medical bills for the ER visit, two doctor visits, and three physical therapy visits have totaled another $6,000. Add to that the household bills that keep piling up, and before you know it you’re in the whole nearly $10,000.

Then you receive a call from an insurance adjuster, offering you $12,500 to settle the claim. At first it seems like a miracle. Just when you needed the money the most, the insurance company is willing to accept liability on behalf of the guy who hit you and even pay you $2500 more than what you need! You hurriedly make arrangements to sign the full and final release, and wait by the mailbox until the check arrives. As soon as it does, you cash it, get caught up on your bills and start to move on with your life.

The only problem is that the physical therapy just isn’t working. Since there has been no change in your recovery, the doctor wants to perform surgery, and the expected time off of work is six weeks. You’ve used all of your sick and vacation time from work, so now you don’t know what to do. You decide to call that insurance adjuster to see if you can get more money from the settlement to cover the surgery and more lost wages. Unfortunately, the company refuses to pay for the procedure since you already settled the claim and cashed the check.

Lesson learned? Never sign any settlement agreement without first speaking with an experienced Chicago accident attorney. Want more information? Call the skilled team at Lane Brown (312-332-1400) or fill out their online form for more information.

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