Amtrak Traveling to Chicago Collides With Semi-Truck; Injured Passengers Rushed to Hospital

A terrifying wreck between an Amtrak train and a semi-truck left multiple passengers with injuries on the morning of Tuesday, October 28. According to a breaking news report from WLFI, the train was carrying passengers on the Hoosier State line to Chicago at the time. Emergency officials were notified of the accident shortly before 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

Officials say that the semi was traveling east on County Road 200 North, and the Amtrak train was northbound on the tracks near U.S. 421. The semi attempted to cross the train tracks at the intersection, but the truck did not make it across the tracks and was struck by the train. Grim photographs from the scene of the accident show the wreckage of the semi, which was cut in half by the force of the collision.

Twenty-Four People Treated for Injuries After Train Crash Near Reynolds

At the time of the collision, numerous passengers were aboard Amtrak’s Hoosier State line, which runs daily from Indianapolis to Chicago. The driver of the semi was miraculously unhurt in the accident, but twenty-four people on the train reported injuries:

  • Eight train passengers were rushed to IU White Memorial Hospital from the scene of the train accident, along with six uninjured family members of the victims who were under the age of 18. The injuries sustained by these eight passengers are reported to be minor, but no further updates have been released about their conditions.
  • Sixteen additional people were treated for minor injuries at the scene of the train wreck, but they were not taken to the hospital.
  • The conductor of the Amtrak train also reported minor injuries.


Reports of the accident and the aftermath paint a scary picture, but officials say there were no fatalities or life-threatening injuries reported among the passengers.

Investigation of the Train Accident Continues While Passengers Wait for Answers

At this time, there is no further information about what may have caused the morning collision. WLFI reports that the train conductor was involved in a train wreck near Monon in 2013, but it is still unclear if this information will be relevant to the current investigation. As the investigation into the accident proceeds, injured passengers may be left waiting for answers for some time.

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