How Does the Animal Control Act Affect Your Illinois Dog Bite Claim?

Illinois Dog Bite Laws & Liability

Illinois is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bites and other animal attacks. That means a dog bite victim does not have to prove that the dog owner was negligent, only that he or she was harmed and that the animal was not provoked. If that can be proven, the owner of the animal can be held responsible for all damages resulting from the attack.

What is covered under the Animal Control Act in Illinois?

The Illinois dog bite law is known as the Animal Control Act and covers harm caused by dogs, and other animals as well. The statute reads, in part:

“If a dog or other animal, without provocation, attacks, attempts to attack, or injures any person who is peaceably conducting himself or herself in any place where he or she may lawfully be, the owner of such dog or other animal is liable in civil damages to such person for the full amount of the injury proximately caused thereby.”

Rights for Illinois Dog Bite Victims

Note that the Illinois dog bite law refers to an animal that “attacks, attempts to attack or injures” a person. The law gives legal rights to people who were injured by a dog but not bitten by the animal.

If a dog jumps up on you and causes you to fall over, you could hit your head and suffer a brain injury or fall and break a bone. According to Illinois law, you could recover financial justice – full, fair and complete compensation for your medical and rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages or income and property damage.

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