Regulations Governing Trains in the State of Illinois

About Federal Railroad Regulations

The Federal Railway Administration is the regulatory agency for America’s railroads, responsible for maintaining railway safety on the country’s 233,000 miles of railroad track.

The FRA develops, implements and enforces federal railroad regulations regarding hazardous materials, power and equipment, operating practices (including drug and alcohol testing), signal and train control, and track and structures.

Regulatory Compliance Issues

At Lane Brown, LLC, our attorneys represent people who were injured in railroad accidents. We investigate every case to determine whether the rail company involved was violating any federal railroad regulations at the time of the accident, including those concerning:

  • Operating rules
  • Employee qualifications
  • Compliance with the Railroad Safety Act of 1970
  • Occupational safety and health standards
  • The Hours of Service Act
  • Accident and personal injury reporting requirements

Was the accident that injured you caused by a train employee who was inadequately trained, drunk or asleep at the switch? Was the train in compliance with regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous materials? Had the crossing gate been properly inspected?

Because we understand federal railroad regulations, we know the right questions to ask and how to find the answers.

Maximizing Financial Compensation

If we determine that the railroad was not in compliance with the applicable regulations, we may be able to pursue punitive damages for our client in addition to compensation for his or her damages. Our experience and knowledge in this area of law can translate into an increased verdict or settlement for our injured client.

If you were injured in a railroad accident, you can trust your injury claim to the knowledgeable lawyers of Lane Brown, LLC. Please contact us today to discuss your case.

From our offices in Chicago, we represent clients throughout Illinois.

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