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Most people don’t think twice about using an elevator or stepping onto an escalator. However, when something goes wrong, the result is often catastrophic. If you were injured in an elevator or escalator accident or if a loved one died as a result of such an event, talk with an experienced attorney about your rights and options. You may be eligible to receive compensation.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Lawyers

Elevator and escalator safety is governed by a maze of local, state and federal laws. When choosing a lawyer to consult after an elevator accident, find out whether he or she understands the complexities of elevator law. At the Chicago law firm of Lane Brown, LLC, our attorneys have more than 130 years of collective legal experience in the area and understand the intricacies of the laws and regulations that apply to elevator safety. This allows them to quickly determine whether building owners and managers violated elevator safety codes and identify the liable party.

Issues in Elevator Accidents

There are several types of elevators, including electric elevators and hydraulic elevators. Each type is regulated by different American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standards. A Chicago elevator accidents attorney at Lane Brown, LLC. will know the issues associated with each type of elevator accident. Moreover, we consult with engineers and safety experts whenever necessary to determine whether the elevator or escalator deviated from the applicable standards.

Maintenance and Safety Inspections Are Key to Elevator Safety

To ensure safety, elevators should be inspected regularly and maintained carefully. In larger commercial and residential apartment buildings, this function is often performed by elevator companies rather than by building staff. Accidents are often the result of an elevator maintenance company failing to follow the standards and laws for maintenance and safety checks. Our attorneys will determine whether an elevator maintenance contractor should be held liable for injuries sustained in an elevator accident. We will review security videos, maintenance contracts, work records, testing and inspection reports and all other relevant records.

Examples of Elevator Accidents

Elevator accident cases can involve:

  • Door malfunctions
  • Sudden acceleration or deceleration
  • Safety device failures
  • Entrapment in the elevator car
  • Electrical and circuit failures
  • Stopping between floors
  • Failure of emergency communication systems

Escalator accidents are similar in that they are usually the result of poor maintenance or failure to install required safety devices. Young children are often the victims in these accidents, which frequently could have been avoided if proper inspections, maintenance and repairs had taken place. As with cases involving elevators, our attorneys inspect all relevant documents to determine whether poor maintenance was at fault.

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Lane Brown, LLC, does not charge anything to talk with us about an elevator or escalator accident. Moreover, we will not charge a fee until we succeed in getting the settlement or jury verdict you need. Contact us today to learn more.

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