Medical Malpractice Claims for Brain Injuries Are Not Always Straightforward

If a doctor, hospital, nursing home, pharmacy, or other provider of medical services makes a mistake, it is possible for the patient to develop a brain injury. And when the mistakes of a medical provider lead to a brain injury for the unsuspecting patient, the patient or family affected has the right to hold that provider responsible for the full cost of the impact the injury has had on their lives. However, although it sounds simple, the process isn’t always as simple as it should be for the victims.

Will I Be Successful in a Claim If it’s Clear the Doctor Caused the Brain Damage?

Sometimes, it is possible for a straightforward injury to result in a straightforward claim, but that isn’t always the case. Families who are dealing with the question of medical malpractice generally don’t realize that the legal process of holding the medical professional responsible for injuries is far more complicated and difficult than it may seem. Even in cases where it seems clear that a doctor’s error was responsible for the brain damage, healthcare providers are interested in avoiding the costs and loss of image that accompany malpractice lawsuits.

Three Important Questions to Ask Before Pursuing a Medical Malpractice Claim for a Brain Injury

Because healthcare providers and facilities often have access to experienced legal teams and insurance adjusters who are adept at minimizing or quieting patient’s claims, it’s important that families are informed about what the legal process might entail—no matter how clear they believe their claims might be. If you are facing the question of a malpractice lawsuit, here are three questions to ask yourself before you move ahead with a claim:

  • Can I actually prove that the doctor made a mistake? In order to hold medical providers or facilities responsible for negligently causing brain damage, the victims must be able to clearly prove that the provider did something wrong—or didn’t do something that he or she should have.
  • Can I actually prove that the mistake led to my injury? Even if patients and families are able to find evidence to prove a provider made mistakes, they still must also prove that those mistakes specifically contributed to a patient’s brain damage.
  • Have I spoken with a personal injury attorney about my potential claim? Victims of medical malpractice may be facing uncertain challenges, and most are not experienced with how the legal process works. Many times, they are starting at a major disadvantage, and speaking with an attorney of their own can help them understand what to expect and how to protect themselves.

Getting Answers About Brain Injuries and Medical Malpractice

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