Chicago Employees Find Hidden Restroom Camera In Shocking Privacy Breach

March 28, 2014

Few places in society suggest a greater need for privacy than a restroom. While we may anticipate that cameras might be in use in public spaces, who among us would expect cameras to be placed inside a bathroom? The answer is likely no one, and the thought is truly unsettling. When using the bathroom, we are all entitled to the privacy that we deserve.

In a shocking discovery, employees at local funeral home Smith and Thomas, located on the West Side of Chicago at 5708 W. Madison, uncovered a hidden camera in the employee restroom. The police were called to investigate on Monday, March 24th, arriving at approximately 5 p.m. A funeral home employee revealed that the camera was located in the unisex bathroom used by employees of the funeral home. It had been placed on the ground level, to the left of the toilet, and behind a wall. The employee rightfully feels as though her privacy has been egregiously violated.

According to the owner of the business, the company is conducting an internal investigation. Employees are being questioned about the hidden camera. The owner did not release any further comment on the investigation.

Smith and Thomas Funeral Homes promotes a wide range of video and social media services to its clients. The business offers customers the ability to broadcast funeral services via webcam and create up-to-date video tributes to their loved ones. Smith and Thomas also advertises itself as “The people that care.” Unfortunately, it is clear that someone at Smith and Thomas does not care enough to ensure that its camera capabilities are utilized responsibly and respectfully.

The attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC, are fighting to protect the rights of the victims of this horrific breach of privacy, and have been retained to represent a number of current and former employees of this funeral home, as well as members of the public whose privacy may have also been violated. We are outraged and dismayed to hear about this unsettling event, and are determined and looking forward to prosecuting those who are responsible and obtaining justice for those affected by this violation.

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