Joliet Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Your involvement in a motorcycle crash has probably led to severe injuries. To hold the other driver accountable and get the most out of your personal injury claim, contact a Joliet motorcycle crash lawyer today.

Of all motor vehicle crashes, the ones involving motorcycles cause some of the most devastating injuries. With your injury will come mounting medical bills and a completely different way of life. Recovery isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be financially difficult.

Working with an accomplished Joliet motorcycle accident lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC can make your healing a little less painful. We’ll build you a solid claim to boost your efforts to obtain full compensation for your injuries.

Major Causes Of Motorcycle Crashes

The single most common cause of Joliet motorcycle accidents is other drivers failing to recognize a motorcyclist in traffic. Negligent drivers might have been distracted or might have made poor driving decisions like speeding or driving aggressively. In any case, the other driver had a duty to practice safe driving and failed to do so.

Irresponsible driving should not go unpunished, especially when it causes harm to a motorcyclist.

Unsafe roadways are another frequently seen cause of motorcycle wrecks. Deep potholes and road debris prove to be deadly hazards for Joliet motorcyclists. State and local government agencies are responsible for maintaining safe driving conditions for all drivers. If they were negligent in doing so, you can name the responsible agency in your claim for compensation.

The truth is that any number of people could be responsible for your motorcycle accident, including parts manufacturers and mechanics. Your Lane Brown, LLC motorcycle lawyer will investigate to determine who and what caused your crash and fight to hold the responsible party financially accountable.

The Insurance Company and Your Claim

Motorcycle riders often get a bad rap on the road. Although they’re unfairly stereotyped as leather-wearing, stunt-performing, reckless motorists, most bikers ride for the sake of riding. They enjoy it the same way other people enjoy long car rides. Unfortunately, the insurance company uses the “reckless biker” stigma to its advantage when looking at your claim.

Because Illinois is a “fault” state for auto insurance, when a crash occurs, the person who is found liable will be responsible for paying up. This means the insurance company will be forced to cover your damages, and that’s the last thing it wants to do. These for-profit businesses have no interest in the wellbeing of others. Their goal is always to keep as much money in their pockets as they can.

A Joliet motorcycle wreck lawyer at Lane Brown, LLC won’t be afraid to stand up to the insurance adjuster to make sure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. Let us advocate for you so you can spend your energy on your recovery.

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