How Important Is an Accident Report to an Injury Claim?

August 23, 2022

Accident reports are an important part of recovery from a car accident. Not only does this report show that the accident happened, but it details what happened, who was at fault, and records any injuries that were sustained. 

In Illinois, it is important to know this report is essential, and how you can use that report for your claim. Read on to learn more about this often-key piece of evidence for your Chicago car accident claim

Reporting the Accident to the Proper Authority

It is important to report the accident to the proper authorities where the accident happened. This should be done within twenty-four hours of the accident happening. 

These reports are generally written up by the local police. They will look at the damages, injuries, speak to witnesses, and provide the facts of what happened. This report is a useful recording of how and why the accident happened, which can help you keep your memory fresh about the accident. 

When You Should File a Report 

Accidents that result in any injuries or death, or property damage that totals over $1,500, should be reported. If the other vehicle does not have insurance coverage, the damages only have to total $500. Usually, a police officer will show up to an accident, but if they do not show up at the scene, you still need to file a report. 

The report should be filed with the local police department or the Illinois State Police. This should be done as soon as possible. The report must be a written one on the accident, and sent in within ten days of the accident and submitted to the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Traffic Safety. 

Once this claim is filed, you can get a copy online or talk to your lawyer about your other options. Failure to send in a report regarding the crash to the Department of Transportation can leave you liable for a fine of up to $2,500 or even up to a year in prison. 

The Importance of an Accident Report 

Speaking with an insurance company can be tough, especially if they don’t want to work with you. An accident report will show the insurance company who was at fault, as well as the facts of what actually happened. This is a legal record of the accident and one that helps the insurance companies decide how much should be paid out, and to whom. 

If the insurance companies do not want to come to a conclusion on who should pay for the damages, this report can help your lawyer build your lawsuit. If your police report is clear about who’s at fault, that can be key evidence against the insurer’s refusal to pay. 

Get Legal Aid Using Your Police Report

If you’ve been injured in an accident, make sure to speak with experienced attorneys like those at Lane Brown, LLC. They can provide more insight on what is necessary to receive the compensation you feel you deserve. 

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