Helping to Prevent a Chicago Birth Injury – Part 1: A Mother’s Role

February 10, 2013

The arrival of a newborn is something that parents dream about for nine months.  Sadly, however, that dream can quickly turn into devastation when a baby sustains an unnecessary birth injury.

Birth injuries are fairly common—about 7 out of every 1000 live births involve a birth injury.  However many birth injuries can be prevented. Following are some important tips that may help protect your unborn child and lower your risk of a Chicago birth injury:

  • Seek experienced prenatal care – As soon as you find out you are pregnant, find an experienced Illinois family physician or obstetrician/gynecologist to monitor your pregnancy.  Ask around and get personal recommendations for a doctor with a pleasant bedside manner.  Having a doctor you feel comfortable with can help make your pregnancy less stressful.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise – Be sure to eat a healthy diet and get moderate exercise—if your doctor recommends it.  Your doctor may give you a list of recommended foods as well as a list of foods to avoid during your pregnancy. In addition, your physician will probably prescribe prenatal vitamins to help provide your growing child with nutrients you may be lacking in your diet.
  • Avoid medications – Many prescription and over-the-counter medications are harmful to developing babies—they may cause birth defects or other health issues. Be sure to check with your doctor before taking any medications.
  • Be prepared – Decide what hospital to use for your delivery, your preferred birthing method, and your overall your labor and delivery philosophy before you go into labor. This will reduce your overall stress—a contributing factor to prolonged labor.
  • Pay attention – Decreased baby movement near the end of a pregnancy could be cause for concern.  Communication between you and your doctor will help determine whether these concerns require medical attention.
  • Seek additional medical help in the hospital – If you have concerns, or feel uncomfortable with your nurses or attending doctors, don’t be afraid to speak up.  Ask to speak with another doctor, or a Hospital Administrator.  This simple step could help avoid potential medical or nursing errors during your labor and delivery.


The tips listed above will help you to have a less stressful pregnancy. In addition, they may help you to avoid prolonged labor, which reduces the risk of a birth injury. In the event your child is seriously injured during labor and delivery, contact an experienced and compassionate Chicago birth injury attorney at Lane Brown. Call today at 312-332-1400 for a free consultation. You do not have to go it alone!

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