What Happens After a Dog Bites a Human

July 25, 2014

The Consequences of a Bite

This wasn’t the first time he bit, but this may have been the bite seen around the world. It was during a June 2014 World Cup soccer match that a player for Uruguay, Luis Suarez, allegedly bit an Italian soccer player on the shoulder. Suarez was sanctioned for his actions by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The initial penalty imposed by FIFA was that Suarez could not play soccer for four months. However, that penalty is being appealed and could be changed.

Suarez Is Not a Dog, But Any Kind of Bite Has Consequences

Suarez did not immediately apologize or admit any wrongdoing. However, as a human, he has the ability to understand why his actions are potentially harmful and wrong.

A dog might not understand the consequences of his actions or learn from previous mistakes. However, the effect of a dog bite can be just as significant as a human bite and the consequences for the dog and dog owner may be severe.

In Chicago, the consequences of a dog bite may include:

  • The dog owner paying for the dog bite victim’s injuries
  • The City requiring that the dog be kept securely confined on the owner’s property
  • The City requiring that the dog wear a muzzle when not on the owner’s property
  • The City requiring that the owner display a “Warning – Dangerous Animal – Keep Away” sign on his property
  • The City requiring that the dog be euthanized


Other consequences may also be enforced.

Have You Been Injured in a Dog Bite Attack?

Whether a dog bit you while you were taking a walk near your home in Austin, at a neighbor’s house in Lawndale, or elsewhere in Chicago, it is important to understand what should happen next—not only for the dog but also for you.

You may be entitled to damages and to a fair recovery. Please start an online chat with us now to find out more.



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