Lawn Mower Amputation Injury Statistics

How common are lawn mower amputation injuries?

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You have mowed the lawn at your Arlington Heights, Berwyn, or other Chicago-area home hundreds of times without incident. During the spring and early summer, it feels like you are constantly out there cutting the grass. This chore will stay with you until the first frost of fall.

Mowing the Lawn Is Something You Do Often, But It Has Significant Risks

One of those risks is the danger of having a limb amputated. According to the non-profit Amputee Coalition:

  • More than half (51%) of traumatic amputations in children occur because of lawn mower accidents.
  • Lawn mower accidents are the most common cause of major limb (arm or leg) amputations among children.
  • Approximately 80,000 people a year, including about 9,400 people under age 20, are hurt in lawn mower accidents each year, though not all of these people suffer an amputation.

To illustrate the dangers associated with lawn mowers, consider that the mowing season is just getting started. Yet, as of May 21, 2014, St. Louis Children’s Hospital has already had three amputations, or near amputations, from lawn mowing accidents.

All it Takes Is One

We share these statistics with you to let you know about the dangers associated with this routine chore. However, if you or your child is hurt in a lawn mower accident, the statistics don’t matter very much. If it is you or your child, the only statistic that matters is your single injury.

Please contact us today via this website for more information about what to do if you or your child has lost a finger, hand, arm, toe, foot, or leg in a lawn-mowing accident.

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