Evidence Helps You Prove Your Truck Accident Case

November 13, 2014

You Need Real Evidence to Win Your Truck Accident Case

When someone gets hurt in an accident with a large commercial truck, he or she generally has the right to pursue an injury claim to get financial help with medical bills and other expenses. However, the path to fair resolution of an injury claim isn’t easy, and victims will usually need a great deal of evidence to successfully recover the true costs of an injury.

Why Does Evidence Matter After a Truck Accident?

Truck accident victims are put in the position of “proving” their injuries—and the financial value of their damages—when they file injury claims. To do this, they will need to collect and present relevant evidence. Unfortunately, victims often have trouble obtaining or sorting through potential evidence because:

  • Evidence disappears quickly after a truck accident
  • Victims may not know what information they need
  • Trucking companies and their insurance companies aren’t always playing fair

What Types of Evidence Are Needed for a Victim to “Prove” Injury in a Truck Accident Case?

The evidence you need to win a truck accident case is usually composed of a number of documents, assessments, and opinions, including:

  • Medical records pertaining to your accident-related injuries
  • Photos, witness accounts, and the police report from the scene of the accident
  • Documentation from the trucking company, including the driver’s logbook, loading records, and other information
  • Evidence of your financial losses, including bills, receipts, records of time away from work, and more


Oftentimes, even if the victim is aware that he or she needs the documentation, much of this evidence can be difficult or seemingly impossible to obtain. This is one of the big reasons that an attorney becomes necessary for the victims of a truck accident—an attorney has the knowledge, skills, and experience to identify and obtain strong evidence that helps prove victims’ injury claims against huge insurance and trucking companies.

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