Common Causes of Truck Crashes on Local Streets

June 7, 2014

Why Serious Truck Accidents Happen on Local Chicago Streets and in the Suburbs


The impact of the truck crash may be the same whether it happens in the Kennedy Express Lanes or on Davis Street in Evanston. A trucker’s negligence or a defective truck could leave you seriously injured, whether the accident takes place on a major highway or a local city road. For example, a distracted trucker, a drowsy trucker, or a truck’s mechanical problem could cause an accident on any kind of road.

Some Common Causes of Accidents May Differ Depending on Where You Are

Some of the following reasons for truck crashes may be more likely to occur on local, residential  roads. Two important things to keep in mind are that tractor trailers, garbage trucks, box trucks, or other kinds of trucks may have:

  • Difficulty stopping quickly on city streets. There is a greater chance that a trucker is going to have to stop quickly and unexpectedly on a city street than on a highway. For example, a red light, an unexpected pedestrian in the road, or the proverbial child who follows his ball into the road can cause the trucker to slam on the brakes. Yet trucks often take longer to stop than passenger vehicles because of their size.
  • Difficulty seeing passenger vehicles on city streets. Traffic is closer together and moving more slowly on many city streets than on the expressways. It can be hard for a trucker to keep track of all the vehicles in his blind spots and he may change lanes without seeing the vehicle he is about to hit.

This list is not exhaustive and it is important to talk to a lawyer about your legal rights any time you’ve been seriously hurt in a Chicago or Evanston truck wreck. For more information, please request information via this website and learn how our team approach to truck accident cases can help with your recovery.

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