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When you have been involved in a devastating tractor-trailer collision and are looking at significant medical expenses associated with your injuries, get in touch with a Cicero truck crash lawyer.

Semi-trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road. When they are involved in an accident, the injuries victims endure are often catastrophic. Paralysis, amputations, organ failure, and traumatic brain injuries are frequently seen in collisions with big rigs. The recovery surrounding these injuries is often lengthy and, despite treatment, can often lead to permanent disabilities.

With the costs of your medical care mounting and no way to continue to support your standard of living while you’re unable to work, recovery can seem impossible. But at Lane Brown, LLC, a Cicero truck accident lawyer will make it a priority to secure the compensation you need to carry on with your life.

The Blame in Cicero 18-Wheeler Crashes

The operation, care, and maintenance of a tractor-trailer includes a number of individuals. There’s the truck driver, the maintenance technicians, and cargo loaders, as well as the trucking company and the manufacturer of the big rig.

Any of these entities can be held liable for your injuries if their negligence directly or indirectly caused your Cicero truck accident. For instance, the trucking company can be found liable if it overscheduled the truck driver or didn’t perform adequate safety inspections before allowing the truck on the road.

The truck driver is most often to blame, however. He or she could have been driving under the influence of alcohol; engaging in aggressive driving practices like following too closely, speeding, or changing lanes without signaling; or engaging in distracted driving, which occurs when an operator’s attention is focused on something other than the road ahead.

Whoever is found liable for your 18-wheeler accident in Cicero should be responsible for covering the costs associated with your injuries and suffering.

Recovering Your Many Losses

After your truck accident lawyer in Cicero has established who will be named in your claim for compensation, we will begin to calculate how much your claim is worth based on the severity of your injuries and how impactful we expect them to be on your life.

Your economic expenses should be relatively easy to determine. We will include your lost wages and reduced future earning potential, as well as the complete extent of your medical expenses and property damage, in this computation. Next, we examine the areas of your life that are more difficult to place a monetary figure on, such as your pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Ultimately, any area of your life that has been or will continue to be affected by your truck accident injuries should be covered by the negligent party. You’re already struggling with a difficult recovery—you don’t need the added weight of financial worry on your shoulders.

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