Children Suffer Long-Term Effects in Truck Accidents

March 26, 2015

Children Are Vulnerable to Long-Term Physical and Emotional Difficulties After a Truck Wreck

A child’s mind and body are still developing, so an impact with a heavy commercial truck at a young age can have a long-term effect on his or her wellbeing. While the injuries are not always visible or obvious immediately after the wreck, a serious collision can leave “hidden” injuries that can cause problems as a child ages. This includes both:

  • Physical injuries. While a child’s body is more flexible than an adult’s body, it is also smaller and still developing. While children may be resilient in some respects, the impact of a truck accident can cause damage to bones, muscles, organs, and nerves in ways that aren’t easily detected or repaired. The effect an injury may have on a child’s physical health over time can be unpredictable, even when injuries seem relatively minor at first.
  • Emotional injuries. Being hit by an 18-wheeler is a terrifying experience for anyone, but it can be especially traumatic for children. The trauma of the accident, adjustment to their own injuries, and coming to terms with the injuries of family members can be very hard on kids—and these kinds of emotional injuries can persist long after physical injuries have healed.

Your family’s health is always your priority. Don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s doctor about follow-up care and immediately report any changes or concerns as your child recovers. If your family needs additional support and answers about your rights after a collision with tractor-trailer or commercial truck, you can also reach out to our experienced legal team at 312-332-1400 or toll-free at 312-332-1400.

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