What Happens During a Consultation with a Sex Abuse Attorney?

Most people have no idea what to expect when they set up a consultation with a sex abuse attorney. What happens during a consultation with a sex abuse attorney? Will I be greeted by hostile lawyers? What types of questions will they ask me? 

Getting answers to these questions isn’t easy. Every case is different, and each lawyer approached a case differently. At Lane Brown, LLC, we want you to feel prepared for your first consultation, so read on to learn more about what you can expect from us. 

Consultations are Confidential

First thing, know that client conversations are confidential. If you’ve suffered sexual abuse and would like a consultation with lawyers, you don’t have to worry about your information becoming public. You should be comfortable talking to the attorney about your situation and be treated with respect.

During your first consultation, your lawyer will ask you questions about your case. These questions will help your lawyer seek the compensation you’re due. Your sexual abuse attorney can also answer any questions you have about the legal process. 

Questions a Sex Abuse Attorney May Ask During a Consultation

It’s tough to completely compensate victims for the lifelong emotional scars that come with abuse. Because of this, your lawyer will work hard to gather information and evidence to prove you’re due compensation. 

Here is a sample of the questions you may be asked during your consultation: 

  • What happened? – It is important for your lawyers to know as much as possible about the abuse you suffered so they can determine if there are grounds for filing a lawsuit. The more details you provide, the better prepared your lawyers will be.
  • How old were you at the time of the incident? – Your lawyers will have to find out if you were of legal age to consent when you suffered the abuse. This can impact the laws that apply to your case if you were not of legal age. 
  • Were there any witnesses? – Witnesses are a key element in proving guilt. Any testimony given will be kept confidential and secure during the preparation of your lawsuit. 
  • What was your relationship with the perpetrator? – Often, victims are abused by relatives or close friends of the family. Never be afraid to point the finger at the guilty party, even if it is someone close to you when it comes to seeking justice and closure.
  • Did anyone else come forward? – If other victims come forward, this can greatly aid your lawyers when they’re facing down defense attorneys if your case goes to trial. While your word should be enough, similar testimonies can provide a fuller picture of the abuse and how many were impacted. 

Unsure about your claim or where to begin or how much time you have to act? These questions are only the beginning of your lawsuit. Take your questions to an experienced sex abuse attorney for the answers you need. 

Consult with a Sex Abuse Attorney

We believe all victims of sexual abuse deserve the right to justice and financial recovery. You deserve support to emotionally and financially compensate you for the anguish you’ve been through.

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