Can Sexual Abuse Happen in Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes are not free of sexual abuse. Residents are sometimes victims and at risk of exploitation. It’s important for you to know the signs and symptoms of being sexually assaulted so that you can protect your vulnerable loved ones.

Sexual abuse can happen in nursing homes, but the team at Lane Brown, LLC is here to help you recover. 

Who’s Responsible for Sexual Abuse?

Although nursing homes are places where the elderly should be safe and cared for, wrongful sexual abuse can occur by both staff and resident actions. 

Regardless of who committed the abuse, the nursing home may be responsible for the suffering your family experienced. They’re responsible for protecting the safety and wellbeing of their residents. If they fail to take care, they may be subject to a lawsuit. 

Talk to your lawyer about how to file your claim and who’s liable for this suffering. They have the tools to determine whether the nursing home was negligent with a resident’s safety, including ignoring reports, failing to check the backgrounds of new hires, and 

Signs of Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

It’s important to document behavior once you suspect your loved one has been sexually assaulted, but what can you look for? There are many signs, such as changes in the following:

  • Behavior
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Hygiene
  • Activity levels

For example, your loved one may seem fearful when they leave their room or they may stay in their rooms all day to avoid the perpetrator. They may also be newly prone to fearful or angry outbursts. If you notice these worrying changes, you may need to contact the authorities about your family member’s safety. 

Questions to Consider When You Suspect Sex Abuse

Be observant and look for small details that wrongful abuse or harassment is indeed happening. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when assessing the situation:

  • Are you comfortable with the staff or other residents’ demeanor when working with your loved one? 
  • Do the staff members assist your loved one with dignity and respect?
  • Does your loved one have a private room or share a room with another resident? If shared, has the other resident said or done anything that indicates they may be a danger to your loved one? 
  • Do residents have to share a bathroom?
  • Do all bathrooms lock from the inside, as opposed to having doors that can be opened by someone outside?

You may also ask the staff about its policies for preventing sexual abuse in nursing homes and how the staff is educated about it. Your or your attorney may be able to access a copy of these policies for your case.

Talk to a Lawyer about Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

If you suspect someone you love is being abused, you may need to act quickly. Your loved one may be afraid to reach out for fear of ridicule or harassment. Speak to an attorney who can help protect them. 

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