First Steps in a Sexual Abuse Claim

Sexual abuse is a serious crime. Each state has varying laws, penalties, rules, and regulations regarding the reporting and processing of a sexual abuse claim. Our skilled attorneys are well versed in the specific criteria required in successfully processing a sexual abuse claim in the state of Illinois.   

The physical and emotional repercussions from such an assault may leave you overwhelmed, and confused, and you may not know where to turn. The most important step in obtaining the compensation you deserve in a sexual abuse claim is to find the right lawyer. Lane Brown, LLC is ready to guide you through your steps in a sexual abuse claim, from beginning to end. 

Find the Right Sexual Abuse Lawyer

There are many complex areas of sexual assault laws. You need a lawyer who’s highly educated on the most current and ever-changing regulations. By obtaining legal counsel, you are taking the first step in holding the abuser accountable for the physical and emotional damage that you have suffered. 

It is an unfortunate fact that sexual abuse can happen to anyone. Your lawyer should understand this trauma leaves you with emotional distress and possible physical injuries. They should empathize with your pain and suffering and will work with you on your terms, and proceed at a pace that is right for you.

Get Expert Medical Advice

During the process of investigating your claim, the legal team may use an expert in the medical or psychological field to review the damage you have incurred and prepare detailed documentation as to your suffering. These evaluations help your lawyer determine the amount of compensation that is owed to you. 

Getting medical care as soon as possible can also help prevent injuries from worsening over time. Severe injuries that aren’t treated right away may become worse


A record of your financial losses will be prepared by your lawyer. The loss of income due to missed days at work and associated medical expenses can be an overlooked reality of abuse.  

If the defendant offers you a settlement, It is important to gather a complete list of expenses and lost wages to understand if this amount is acceptable. Both the current and future effects on your financial, emotional, and physical well-being are taken into consideration. 

Seek our Legal Advice and Look Toward a Brighter Future

Though we know that winning a claim against your perpetrator cannot erase the past, our legal representation can help ease your suffering by getting you the compensation you deserve. Let us take the burden of filing claims, obtaining documents, and investigating the case off of your shoulders, or if you’ve started the process we can pick up where you left off. 

Suffering from abuse of any kind is a traumatic event. You do not need to go through the legal process alone, we are here to assist and support you through it all. Call Lane Brown, LLC at 312-332-1400 or fill out the following online contact form today for a free consultation.

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