Chicago Child Molestation Lawyer

A Chicago child molestation attorney can help you obtain compensation from the person who abused you or your child.

Sexual abuse of children can be punished both in criminal and civil proceedings. Even if your case was not won in criminal court, you may still be able to seek damages in a civil case. A Chicago child molestation lawyer will examine the facts of your case to determine whether a claim can be won and how much the victim should be entitled to.

Don’t let the abuser go unpunished. Child sex abuse can have devastating effects on the victim’s life for years to come. The abuser or institution who had a duty to protect the welfare of the victim should have to cover the costs of this impact, at the very least.

Proving Your Case

If your case has already been brought to criminal court or is in the middle of criminal proceedings, you can still begin the process of filing a civil claim against the abuser. This is because, in a criminal case, the prosecutor must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty.

However, in civil court, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant is guilty by a majority of the evidence. Essentially, this means that the evidence needs to support that the defendant knowingly and willfully acted or failed to act and, as such, caused injury to the victim.

Evidence that will be important for your Chicago child molestation case includes testimony from the victim, witness statements, statements from anyone the victim told about his or her abuse, medical documentation of the abuse, and statements of other victims of the same perpetrator.

Compensation You’re Entitled To

The effects of the sexual abuse of a child can be devastating. In your civil case, you can expect to seek compensation for the medical costs of treating the trauma, including hospital bills, prescription medications, mental anguish, extensive psychological therapy, and any other ways in which the abuse has impacted the victim’s life or will impact it in the future.

In cases in which an institution like a school or daycare center is found negligent for ignoring repeated reports of abusive behavior, allowing the abuse to continue, we may be able to seek punitive damages, which are designed as a punishment to hopefully prevent repeated abuse from impacting additional victims. Punitive damages often increase the value of Chicago child molestation claims significantly.

Reach Out to a Chicago Child Molestation Attorney

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