Chicago School Abuse Lawyer

Do you believe your child is being abused by someone at school? If so, speak with an experienced Chicago school abuse attorney who can help you protect your child and obtain compensation for his or her suffering.

Unfortunately, school abuse happens far more often than you might think. Nearly anyone a child is exposed to at school could be responsible for the abuse. The last place your child should be subjected to abuse is in the school environment. Schools should be safe places that empower children to grow and learn.

At Lane Brown, LLC, we help abuse survivors secure maximum compensation for the harm they’ve endured. A Chicago school abuse lawyer will work tirelessly to gather supporting evidence and calculate the value of your claim so you and your family can take back control of your lives.

Signs of Abuse in Education Settings

When your children go to school, you trust that the staff in that environment will take care of your children while educating them. The last thing you would expect is for someone working in a school to take advantage of your child by physically, sexually, verbally, or emotionally abusing him or her. The signs of these kinds of abuse can manifest in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Your child has a lack of appetite.
  • Your child has withdrawn socially.
  • Your child has feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • Your child begs you to let him or her stay home from school.
  • Your child’s grades have declined suddenly.

These are just a few of the numerous signs that could alert you to the harmful situation your child is in. It’s up to you as the parent to advocate for your child’s rights once you have discovered that your child has been a victim of school abuse in Chicago. Your attorney can show you how to do that.

Getting Compensation for Your Child’s Abuse

Children who have suffered abuse at the hands of their teachers, principles, school therapists, school nurses, or school janitors are likely going to need extensive mental health counseling in order to recover from such a traumatizing experience.

As part of your civil suit, we will seek recovery of the total cost of your child’s medical expenses, which will include any hospital bills, copays, mental health counseling, and doctor visits. Additionally, we can seek compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and mental anguish your child might have suffered.

Recovering from devastating circumstances like school abuse is a challenge, and it’s made all the more difficult when the costs of recovery are so high. The person or people who are responsible for the harm done to your children should be compelled to cover these expenses. Your school abuse lawyer in Chicago will fight to make sure that happens.

Consult a Chicago School Abuse Attorney

When you’re ready to advocate for the rights of your child and bring an abuser to justice, get in touch with an experienced lawyer at Lane Brown, LLC. Our firm can help you secure the compensation your child needs to live a happy and safe life from this point forward.

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