Suing for Sexual Abuse in the Workplace

When you have been dealing with sexual abuse at work, you may be feeling confused about what you should do next. You may even be unsure whether what’s happened to you is sexual abuse. In any case, when you’re made to feel uncomfortable in your work environment, you should be able to take action to stop it.

Pursuing a civil claim may be the best way to go about bringing both your abuser and those who facilitated the abuse to justice. Read on to learn more about what constitutes sexual abuse in the workplace and what your legal options may be.

What Constitutes Sexual Abuse in the Workplace?

Any time any kind of sexual advances are made, especially those that make you feel uncomfortable in any way, you may be suffering from sexual abuse. The workplace in particular has seen a dramatic number of cases of sexual abuse.

People in positions of power may harass or even force their employees to engage in sexual acts by threatening to terminate them, ruin their reputation, or otherwise disrupt their lives. If you have been through something similar, you likely have grounds for a civil lawsuit.

Options for Victims of Workplace Sexual Abuse

Whether you reported the abuse you suffered to the appropriate parties at your place of employment or kept the abuse to yourself out of fear or for other reasons, a sexual abuse lawyer in Chicago could help you bring to justice your abuser and those who allowed the abuse to continue.

You may have grounds for a sexual abuse claim, seeking maximum compensation for what you’ve been through. You can contact our office to learn more about how much your claim might be worth and what the process may look like.

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