Different Types of Sexual Abuse You Could Sue For

Sexual abuse is one of the most traumatizing experiences a person can go through. Sadly, the criminal justice system doesn’t always deliver the justice these victims deserve. 

Thankfully, the civil courts are often able to find abusers, and those who facilitated the abuse, liable for the harm they’ve caused. With that being said, there are a few different types of sexual abuse that you may be able to file a civil lawsuit for in Chicago, Illinois. We go into further detail about these types of sexual abuse below. 

Sexual Abuse from a Position of Trust

People who are in a position of trust, such as a parent, a family friend, an older family member, a babysitter, a teacher, a daycare provider, and other trusted adults, sometimes take advantage of this trust by sexually abusing the people who depend on them most. 

Sadly, this is one of the most common types of sexual abuse to occur, as these parties often have unquestioned access to their victims. 

Non-Consensual Sexual Abuse

Non-consensual sexual abuse refers to sexual behavior the victim did not or could not give their consent to. That may seem obvious, but in some cases it may not be. 

For example, if an older man is having an illegal relationship with a child under the age of consent, it would be considered non-consensual sexual abuse, as the child does not have the legal right to consent to such a relationship. 

Psychological Sexual Abuse

Psychological sexual abuse can be just as traumatic as physical sexual abuse, as every case is different. Although there may be no unwanted touching, rape, or physical assault, indecent exposure, showing inappropriate photos or videos, making lewd comments, and other unwanted sexual contact of any kind can be traumatizing for the victim.

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