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If you’ve been struck by a vehicle and aren’t sure how to go about obtaining the compensation you deserve, contact a Chicago pedestrian injury lawyer who has the experience you need to hold the appropriate parties accountable.

Pedestrians who are struck by a vehicle can suffer critical injuries that have permanent, disabling effects on their lives. If you’re looking at a lengthy recovery, you shouldn’t be consumed with worries over mounting medical costs and bills that can’t pay themselves.

At Lane Brown, LLC, we are devoted to the needs of our clients. Your Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer will work rigorously to investigate your case and determine who is at fault so we can swiftly obtain the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Chicago Pedestrian Accident Injuries and Their Effects

Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians often result in devastating injuries or death. The human body is no match for the tremendous size, weight, and speed of a vehicle. Some of the injuries we frequently see in Chicago pedestrian accident victims include internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries, damage to the spinal cord, lacerations, broken brokens, amputations, and permanent disfigurement.

Injuries as serious as these can take years to recover from, if recovery is possible at all. Death is also extremely common in pedestrian accidents—so much so that those who have narrowly survived often consider themselves lucky, despite the debilitating injuries they’ve suffered.

Learning how to walk, speak, eat, and communicate again; battling post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression; and dealing with a loss of motor skills, muscle tone, and your overall ability to control your body are substantial challenges to overcome. They shouldn’t be worsened by money troubles that should be taken care of by the person responsible for your injuries.

Who’s at Fault for My Pedestrian Accident Injuries?

A number of individuals and entities could have some blame for your Chicago pedestrian accident. First and foremost, the driving practices of the motorist who hit you will be investigated.

Distracted driving has become an all-too-common cause of pedestrian injuries. It occurs when a driver’s attention is focused on something other than driving, such as a cell phone, another person in the vehicle, changing the radio station, fiddling with a navigation system, or reaching for something under the passenger seat.

Other ways a driver could be liable for your injuries may include driving while fatigued or impaired or even careless driving practices like running a stop sign, speeding, road rage, or making illegal turns.

Drivers aren’t the only ones who may be responsible for pedestrian accidents, however. Local and state government agencies have an obligation to maintain safe roadways, so if a pothole, road debris, or missing traffic sign caused a vehicle to crash into you, a government agency could be liable for your injuries.

In addition, vehicle parts manufacturers and technicians who install or fail to report faulty parts can be to blame if the vehicle malfunctioning is what caused your accident and, ultimately, your injuries.

Regardless of who is responsible for your accident, your Chicago pedestrian injury lawyer will have the experience needed to thoroughly investigate your case and determine any and all parties who have played a part.

Damages You Can Recover

Severe injuries always have a significant impact on the lives of victims. Fortunately, the law is on your side, and filing a personal injury claim may be the best way for you to obtain full compensation for the impact your pedestrian accident injuries have had on your life.

Generally, we will calculate the value of your Chicago pedestrian accident claim by examining the current and expected future damage done to the following areas of your life:

  • Hospital bills
  • Copays
  • Prescription medications
  • Medical equipment
  • Costs of adjustments to your home to accommodate medical equipment
  • Rehabilitative therapies
  • Transportation to doctor appointments
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship and love

We will also consider any other ways your life has been affected when we compute your total compensation request. Your Chicago pedestrian injury attorney will work diligently to make sure you get the fair and full compensation you are entitled to.

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