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Just like doctors, we trust pharmacists with our health. If you’ve suffered due to a medication error, seek out a pharmacy malpractice attorney in Chicago to get the compensation you need.

We trust that pharmacists will fill our prescriptions correctly, measure the correct dosage, and ensure that our medication is safe. They studied to protect our health, so we can expect to be in safe hands, right?

Unfortunately, pharmacists are just as capable of being careless with our health as a doctor might be. If you believe a pharmacy was involved with your suffering, speak to a Chicago pharmacy malpractice lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC. We’ll find the responsible party for your injuries and fight for your full compensation.

Is Pharmacy Malpractice like Medical Malpractice?

You might have seen TV shows or news coverage of doctors committing medical malpractice. These stories of surgeons leaving surgical tools inside of patients, negligent misdiagnoses, and dangerous hospital conditions are horrific. But are pharmacies held to the same standards?

Because your pharmacist is handling the medication that could be keeping you alive, they should be held responsible for potentially endangering your health. The following list includes examples of pharmacy negligence. If you’ve suffered from any of the following situations, reach out to a pharmacy malpractice lawyer about seeking compensation:

  • Incorrect instructions from the pharmacist
  • Incorrect dosage or medication
  • Unsupervised pharmacy technician filling prescriptions
  • Failure to recognize a potentially dangerous drug interaction
  • Improper patient counseling

Liability for Your Damages

If you’ve suffered from pharmacy malpractice, what can you do? In Illinois, you have two years from the incident to file a claim, and the process can be lengthy and complicated. Your lawyer can help you determine what caused your damages and then seek out who’s responsible.

When you’re dealing with malpractice from a pharmacist, the damages might not be the individual’s responsibility. These pharmacists or technicians are also employees of the pharmacy, and that means that their employer may be held legally responsible for your suffering.

It’s important to determine the responsible party before you begin your claim. If you list the wrong person for your claim, it can drag out your claims process. That means more time without the compensation you need for recovery. A pharmacy malpractice lawyer in Chicago can explain the process and help you determine the person responsible for your damages.

Reach Out to a Chicago Pharmacy Malpractice Attorney

Recovering from a pharmacist’s carelessness can be difficult and dangerous. Many people rely on life-saving medication for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure—all of which can be dangerous when left untreated.

Unfortunately, your pharmacist might not have given your medication the proper attention. When this happens, reach out to a lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC for help proving that the pharmacist was negligent. Our attorneys can provide the tools and knowledge to recover the full compensation of your claim.

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