Can I Sue for Pregnancy Complications in Illinois?

Having a baby is an exciting yet nerve-racking experience. As an expectant mother, you trust your medical team to guide you safely through the pregnancy and birth process. Medical professionals are trained to handle various types of pregnancy complications and keep both the mother and baby safe along the way. 

Although not all pregnancy complications can be avoided, none should be made worse because of a doctor or nurse’s negligence. If you believe you suffered from a pregnancy complication or your pregnancy complication was made worse by your doctor in Illinois, then you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A Chicago medical malpractice lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC can look into your case and help you determine how best to move forward.

Types of Pregnancy Complications You May Experience

There are various pregnancy complications you may experience. These include a lack of oxygen to the baby during delivery, which can lead to birth defects; the baby being angled in the wrong position, which requires a C-section delivery; excessive blood loss post-delivery, which may require surgery; or, injury to you or the baby during delivery. 

Determining When Medical Malpractice Has Occurred

A pregnancy complication can be considered medical malpractice when your treating medical professional harms you in some way and fails to provide you with the standard of care that they should’ve provided to another patient in a similar situation. If your doctor’s negligence directly leads to your injury, then you have a strong personal injury case

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