Chicago Hospitals: Unlikely Places of Danger and Negligent Security

August 11, 2013

Every day we may walk into any number of locations, purchasing groceries, renting a hotel room for a business trip or vacation, looking for a new apartment building to move into, or spending the day at an amusement park. Our places of interest are endless.

In each of these locations, we enter the premises, trusting that there is an unspoken level of security established to keep us safe while we’re there. Unfortunately, criminal activity still happens, even in these well-known places. In some cases, the only party at fault behind these crimes is the assailant. However, in other situations, these crimes could be preventable, but aren’t, a case known as negligent security in Illinois. If you have questions about your assault or premises liability claim, the Chicago premises liability attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC may be just the help you need.

Common Locations for Premises Liability Cases in Illinois

There are so many locations that we visit that operate with a basic understanding of providing patrons with a basic, core level of security while on the premises.  Some of these include: apartment buildings, shopping malls, businesses, sports stadiums, grocery stores, condominiums/ gated communities, home rentals, amusement parks, and schools.

But, there is one location that may be guilty of negligent security in Chicago that many of us may overlook: hospitals. We go to hospitals, visiting others or seeking medical assistance and respite for any number of reasons, expecting to be safe during our stay. But, unfortunately, hospitals can also become prime locations for catastrophic assaults to occur.

Examples of Negligent Hospital Security Can Include:

  • Did the hospital provide adequate security systems in place (lock-down procedures, cameras, security personnel)?
  • Did the hospital have well-lit hallways, stairwells, entrances and exits, elevators, and parking garages/lots? Adequate lighting produces extra visibility in otherwise dark locations, and may reduce the chance of an attack occurring.
  • Did the hospital have high standards of hiring and training their security personnel, or are their security members inadequately equipped to keep visitors safe on the premises?
  • Does the hospital have a set “security policy” in place, that all employees are trained to follow, in the event of emergency situations?–don-t-trump-up-your-injuries.cfm
  • Does the hospital have a known history of crime on the premises? If so, they have a legal duty to take necessary and reasonable measures to reduce the likelihood of a criminal assault incident occurring.

Assault victims may suffer catastrophic head injuries, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, broken bones, gunshot wounds or even rape when proper security measures are neglected.

If you, or someone you love, were injured in an assault while on hospital property, you may be able to seek financial compensation for your victimization. Our skilled Chicago premises liability attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC have the knowledge needed to aggressively pursue catastrophic injury cases. Call today to schedule your free appointment:  312-332-1400.

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