Chicago Funeral Home Bathroom Camera Investigation Update

May 8, 2014

A Hidden Camera Was Found in a Funeral Home Bathroom. Chicago Police Continue to Investigate.


On Monday March 24, 2014, the Chicago Police Department received a call from employees at the Smith and Thomas Funeral Home on West Madison. The employees said that a hidden camera was found in a single-stall unisex bathroom primarily used by funeral home employees. The police responded to the call and reportedly found the camera in the wall of the bathroom, to the left of the toilet at ground level. At the time, the owner of the funeral home told the media that an internal investigation would be conducted. The Chicago Police were also carrying out an investigation.

An Update on Both Investigations

On Thursday April 3, 2014, the Chicago Police were back at the West Side location of the Smith and Thomas Funeral Home for several hours, and they allegedly removed more items from the facility. WGN reported that the camera found in the employee bathroom on March 24 may have been connected to something else in the building.

The brother of the funeral home’s owner told the media that the internal investigation by the funeral home is ongoing and that family members are in the process of questioning employees.

We Are Conducting Our Own Investigation

Current and former employees of Smith and Thomas Funeral Homes have retained our firm to represent them in this workplace privacy case.  We are conducting our own investigation and will do everything in our power to obtain justice for these employees.

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