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Catastrophic accidents can be a nightmare for victims, their families, and those who can be held legally responsible for the injuries. These kinds of devastating accidents may leave victims with permanent disabilities, permanent disfigurement, and the need for months or years of ongoing rehabilitation and care. Those affected are often left with debilitating injuries that rob them of their sense of independence and confidence and leave them unable to continue participating in many of the daily activities that they once did. Additionally, the mounting bills and expenses associated with catastrophic injuries can plague victims and their families for a lifetime.

By filing a personal injury claim, victims are sometimes able to recover the compensation they need to help them cope and heal after a tragedy. However, many victims are unaware of their rights or their options for recovery. If you or your family has been affected by a catastrophic injury, don’t wait any longer to get informed—there really is no-hassle help available.

Here are some things you should know.

What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

A “catastrophic injury” is an injury that is serious enough to cause permanent disabilities or prevent a victim from working in the future. Catastrophic injury accidents can happen for a wide range of reasons, including serious vehicle accidents, workplace or construction site accidents, use of defective products, and medical malpractice. However, all of these kinds of injuries may be caused by another party’s negligence and can leave victims with debilitating injuries.

At the Law Offices of Lane Brown, LLC we’ve successfully handled many kinds of catastrophic injury cases in Cook County and the rest of Illinois, and we are prepared to tackle the toughest cases, including:

Catastrophic Injuries: A Lifetime of Difficulty for Injured Victims

Cases of catastrophic injury are different from other kinds of injury cases. If a catastrophic injury has happened to you, it is important to talk with an attorney about your family’s rights. Families affected by a catastrophic injury often experience long-term changes to their financial situations and quality of life, often going from a “normal” life to a life dominated by doctors, surgeries, chronic pain, financial crisis, and limited activities—sometimes literally overnight.

When minor or moderate injuries are caused by another party, a disappointing injury claim can create challenges—but life usually goes on. When catastrophic injuries are caused by another party, a disappointing injury claim can leave families without the resources they need to adapt to extreme medical needs, hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and the loss of the future they had hoped for. This is why it is crucial to get steadfast legal help if you are facing a catastrophic injury claim, even if it’s just to take advantage of a free consultation and no-obligation answers.

A Dedicated and Successful Legal Team Working for You After a Catastrophic Injury

If you’ve been seriously injured due to another party’s negligent actions, you will probably need help learning about and asserting your legal rights in the midst of tragedy. The compassionate attorneys at Lane Brown, LLC have over 130 years of combined personal injury law experience, and we put the same time, dedication, and knowledge that have won our past clients’ multimillion-dollar cases into every catastrophic injury case we handle.

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