What to Do When Hit by an Uninsured Driver in Chicago

Any vehicle accident in Chicago is bound to lead to frustration, as the aftermath can leave your life in shambles. However, being hit by an uninsured driver is even more frustrating. You have vehicle damage from your accident, you might have serious injuries, and you deserve to be compensated for your negative experience and losses.

Regrettably, you can’t file an injury claim against an uninsured driver because they don’t have an insurer. Even if you tried to sue the driver, if they don’t have any money, you won’t get anything. So, you’re going to need to learn what to do when hit by an uninsured driver in Chicago.

What Can You Do to Receive Compensation When Hit By an Uninsured Driver?

It’s extremely upsetting to learn that the driver who hit you has no insurance. You won’t be able to hold that person to account for your injuries and damages. Don’t worry about justice, as that person will likely be facing fines, loss of license, possible jail time, and other criminal penalties.

But, what about you? How can you receive the money you need to pay for your damages? You will most likely need to file a claim with your own insurance company in order to receive the money you need to pay for lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage. If you have uninsured driver coverage, you will likely want to use it.

However, just because you have coverage doesn’t mean the claim process will be easy. You will need to prove to your insurer that you didn’t cause the wreck, and you’ll need to provide the insurer with proof of your medical expenses and other losses.

To ensure you receive enough money to pay for this accident, you might consider hiring an accident attorney.

Get Help Filing Your Insurance Claim

Now you know what to do when hit by an uninsured driver in Chicago. Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, even when the insurer is your own. A lawyer can greatly improve your situation and increase your settlement amount by ensuring that you aren’t taken advantage of during this difficult time.

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