How Do I File a Personal Injury Claim for a Car Accident?

A car crash can be a terrifying experience. The sudden impact of your vehicle colliding with another can cause injuries that could take years to recover from. If the accident was caused by the negligent actions of someone else, you have the right to hold that person accountable by filing a personal injury claim. Doing so can enable you to obtain full compensation for your losses.

But the claim process can be complicated, which is why we’ve outlined what you can expect when you make the decision to move forward with your lawsuit. Continue reading to learn more.

Seek Advice from an Experienced Attorney

Before anything else, consult with a qualified attorney who can help you understand how the details of your case will affect your claim. A lawyer at our firm will be able to explain who is responsible for your damages and why, as well as give you an idea of what your claim is actually worth.

We will investigate the specifics of your case to gather evidence and deal with the insurance company on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of. Dishonest insurers will always prioritize their interests above your own. Having a powerful legal advocate on your side can be extremely beneficial to your claim.

Establish Fault

The most important aspect of your claim will be establishing who is to blame for the accident and the injuries you suffered in the collision. This is the person who will be responsible for compensating you for your damages.

Your attorney will examine how the accident occurred, both of the vehicles in question, the conditions of the road, and the driving practices of the other driver to ensure that we have plenty of supporting evidence to fortify your case. After that, we will begin the process of calculating the value of your losses to determine how much the at-fault party owes you.

Determine the Value of Your Claim

Based on the limited information they have, few auto accident victims understand what they’re truly entitled to recover. Although most people are aware that they should be compensated for their medical expenses, the repair or replacement of their vehicle, and wages they were unable to earn while out of work, many fail to consider other areas of their lives that deserve recognition.

When you sit down to discuss the value of your claim with your attorney, we will go over damages like the loss of your future earning potential, your pain and suffering, your loss of companionship and love, your mental anguish, and any loss of your ability to enjoy your life, among others.

Then, once we have a clear idea of the amount of compensation we will pursue, we will likely negotiate with the insurance company before proceeding with a lawsuit in court.

Get in Touch with a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

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