Common Car Accident Injuries 

There are many factors that determine the severity of the injuries sustained when you’re involved in a car accident. These can be everything from speed and airbag deployments to seatbelt usage. 

Having a better understanding of the more common injuries that happen, healing time, and other factors can help you and your lawyer determine fair compensation for your car accident case. Take your questions about injuries to the lawyers at Lane Brown, LLC, who can help you recover. 

Injuries to the Head

Damage sustained to the head can vary. They can range from lacerations and contusions to major traumatic brain injuries or concussions. The victims of the accident can bump their heads somewhere in the vehicle during the crash, or suffer cuts from loose objects in the vehicle. They may also have brain injuries from the strong jarring upon impact.  

The amount of time that is needed to heal varies significantly depending on the severity of the injuries. These times can range from a few days to many years. In some instances, the damages from the injury itself might be permanent. Memory loss, seizures, and other disorders can come from brain and head injuries. 

Injuries to Soft Tissues

The muscles in the body can be strained during impact. This can lead to injuries in the joints, ligaments, and tendons. One of the most talked about and known injuries in this category is whiplash. This is a soft tissue injury found in the neck.

There are other areas of the body that can also be impacted. Compartment syndrome for an arm or leg that gets trapped, or back strain from hitting the inside of the car. Many of these injuries can result in permanent disabilities. Healing varies again, depending on severity. 

Injuries to the Chest

The injuries sustained to the chest vary depending on the nature of the accident. Having a seatbelt on during the accident can cause broken ribs or serious bruising. Internal damage to the heart, lungs, or liver might be suffered depending on the force during the accident. 

These injuries can oftentimes be life-threatening. If they are not, they tend to be serious and have a long recovery time. 

Broken Bones in the Body

Bones are a common injury as they can easily be fractured upon impact during a serious accident. If the arms and legs become entrapped during the accident, this can break them. Facial bones can fracture if the victim hits their face on the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield. 

Healing times for bones are often long. This is especially true for multiple or compound fractures. Lifelong disfigurement or poor circulation is possible in some of these injuries. 

Injuries to the Spine

Your spinal cord is the transit hub for information across the body, so when it’s damaged, signals from the brain can’t reach other parts of the body. These spinal cord injuries can be devastating. Injuries sustained in the spine are also common and may be more severe in high-speed accidents. The healing time for these injuries varies depending on the severity. 

In some cases, permanent or temporary paralysis is a possibility. When this happens, you may be due more compensation to cover your future damages. For example, you may be unable to work because of your injuries, and your compensation should reflect that. 


Unfortunately, in some cases, the injuries sustained during vehicle accidents can lead to death. When this happens, there are no healing times. However, the family of the victim or victims may decide to seek compensation for the damages that have occurred. These damages may include lost wages, the costs of burial expenses, and the distress your family has suffered through. 

Fortunately, you and your family still have grounds for a lawsuit if your loved one succumbed to injuries caused by a car accident. Talk to your lawyer about filing a wrongful death claim for your recovery. 

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There are many reasons why these accidents cause injuries to those involved. They could be everything from distracted driving to driving under the influence. But no matter what the cause, you’re injured, and you’re due compensation for the suffering you’ve experienced. 

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