Chicago Uber Accident Lawyer

Car accidents that involve Uber drivers get complicated quickly—especially when injuries are involved. For help securing the compensation you’re entitled to, get in touch with a Chicago Uber crash lawyer.

It seems like anyone with a functioning vehicle can become an Uber driver. The company’s process of screening applicants can leave room for careless drivers to put others at risk for injury. In instances when driver negligence causes you harm, both Uber and the driver should be held accountable.

When you need help taking on a national corporation like Uber, call a Chicago Uber accident lawyer at Lane Brown, LLC. We can help you recover full compensation for your losses.

Insurance and Uber

If a passenger traveling with a working Uber driver is injured in an accident, Uber’s $1,000,000 insurance plan is designed to cover the associated costs. However, Uber’s insurance company may deny even the most deserving claimants to protect its own financial interests.

We do have the option of appealing these denials and will resort to filing claims with the driver’s personal insurance policy when necessary. We can also sue the driver directly for the costs of your damages, but we can also continue to fight back against Uber.

This massive corporation has the ability to compensate you fully for your losses. Your Uber accident lawyer in Chicago can help you get what you’re owed.

Recovering Your Losses

Entrusting your safety to an Uber driver puts an enormous responsibility on the driver. Whether Uber or the driver is found to be liable for your injuries, the at-fault party will need to reimburse you for the full extent of your losses. These are some of the most commonly sought damages in such claims:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Effects of disfigurement

The award you can expect to walk away with will depend on how severe your injuries were and how impactful they are or will be on your life. For example, someone who has suffered whiplash could reasonably expect to receive greater compensation than someone who walked away with scrapes and bruises.

You should never need to cover the costs of injuries an Uber driver caused—whether you were his or her passenger or driving in your own vehicle. However, you can expect the insurance company, Uber, or Uber driver to attempt to place unwarranted blame on you to lower their liability. A Chicago Uber crash lawyer will fight back against such attempts.

Reach Out to a Chicago Uber Accident Attorney

If you have suffered a serious injury in an accident involving an Uber driver and aren’t sure what steps you should take to recover the damages you’ve endured, get in touch with a qualified attorney at our firm today. You don’t have to let large companies bully you into accepting less than you deserve.

With Lane Brown, LLC, you can recover with the reassurance that a Chicago Uber accident lawyer is working tirelessly to secure fair compensation from the liable party. Schedule your free initial claim evaluation by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page or giving us a call at 312-332-1400.

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