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Lyft designs driver contracts so drivers are not considered employees of the company. This leaves some discussion about what their responsibilities might be in terms of fault for an accident. The standard of companies covering the damages their employees cause doesn’t necessarily apply to independent contractors.

But that doesn’t mean Lyft is free of liability or that you don’t deserve compensation for your damages. When you need an experienced Chicago Lyft accident lawyer, contact Lane Brown, LLC to help ensure that you recover full compensation for your damages.

Lyft Liability

Lyft should be liable for damages when a driver is actively driving another passenger at the time of an accident. This means that the driver must physically have a Lyft passenger in the vehicle—or be on the way to pick up a passenger—when the car collides with another vehicle. Lyft’s insurance policy should kick in if you are hit by an actively working Lyft driver while in your own vehicle.

Because Lyft pays an insurer to cover damages tied to accidents its drivers are involved in, you and your Lyft accident lawyer in Chicago won’t likely deal directly with Lyft much, but you will have to deal with an insurance company. Insurers are notorious for withholding compensation from deserving claimants like you. Fortunately, we can help.

When the Driver Is to Blame for Your Chicago Lyft Accident

Drivers are required to carry their own car insurance policies in addition to being covered under Lyft’s insurance. This way, you’ll still be able to file a suit against the driver or work with his or her insurance company to get your damages covered.

Lyft’s $1 million insurance policy should cover accidents that occur from the time a driver has accepted a Lyft passenger’s ride request until the minute the passenger has been dropped off. If a Lyft driver hit you while he or she wasn’t actively working, your Lyft accident attorney in Chicago would likely seek compensation from the driver’s personal insurer.

Lyft’s insurance often denies claims by passengers injured in accidents caused by Lyft drivers. After all, their goal is to make money—not look out for the best interests of those who are injured or even those of their drivers. The good news is that a qualified lawyer can hold the appropriate parties accountable.

Dealing with Lyft and insurance companies can get confusing, and both parties have plenty of opportunities to deflect blame and send you on a fruitless hunt for the fair compensation you deserve. Working with an attorney who knows these tricks and how to overcome them could be crucial to the success of your claim.

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