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Our car insurance should cover us when the worst happens, but sometimes insurers don’t act in our best interests. When that happens, call an auto insurance attorney in Chicago for help.

A car accident can have devastating and expensive results. You’re suffering, and you need a settlement from your insurance company to recover. Your insurance provider should help you get the settlement you need, right?

Sadly, insurance companies might refuse to settle with you, or they might rely on underhanded tactics to avoid paying out for your settlement. When this happens, a Chicago auto insurance lawyer from Lane Brown, LLC can help you get the compensation you need.  

Trouble with Insurance Companies

When we pay for our car insurance, we expect protection in the wake of an accident. Illinois is an at-fault state, which means you’ll need to show that the other person caused the accident. But once you file a claim with your insurance provider, receiving a reasonable settlement for your claim should be fairly simple, right?

Unfortunately, the insurance company might be more interested in protecting its profits and investors than paying out for your suffering. The insurer might use misleading and dishonest tactics to make you desperate enough to take a decreased settlement amount, or the company might refuse to settle at all.

If your insurance company has done one or more of the following, reach out to an auto insurance lawyer in Chicago for assistance:

  • Lowballed your settlement
  • Refused to respond to your communication attempts
  • Responded slower than necessary

Taking Action Against Your Insurer

The cost of recovering from an accident is expensive, physically, emotionally, and financially. When your insurance company refuses to pay you the full settlement you deserve, what can you do?

First, don’t accept the insurance company’s settlement offer if you believe it’s not enough. By accepting the offer, you waive your right to further compensation. Before responding, call your lawyer to get help calculating the full value of your claim.

Then, your lawyer may send a demand letter to your insurance provider, refusing the initial offer and countering with the full amount you need. If the insurer refuses to compensate you properly, your claim might need to go to court.

Your lawyer will then work to show that the insurer was acting in bad faith and broke the terms of your auto insurance contract. They’ll fight to show the insurance company acted against your best interests, and you could receive additional compensation for your suffering.

Seek Out a Chicago Auto Insurance Attorney

When an insurer acts in bad faith or breaks the contract you made for your insurance coverage, you should be compensated for it. Reach out to an attorney from Lane Brown, LLC if you’re struggling to settle a claim with your insurance company.

Meet with a Chicago auto insurance lawyer for a free case review. We’ll start by reviewing whether your insurance company is acting in bad faith and explain the process to recover the compensation you deserve. Ready to begin? Call us at 312-332-1400 or complete the online form below.

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